Reputation management is important, but it’s only the first step you take towards doing what your business needs  – a Chicago Online Reputation Management Company.  We manage your online reputation then put it to work as the most powerful marketing tool in your strategy, driving more customers to your business and establishing you as the clear leader within your market.  In today’s competitive marketplace, you want the kind of customer that knows you, likes you, and trusts you like a direct referral would.

We categorize our reputation management services in 3 ways:

  1. creating a positive reputation online,
  2. creating a positive reputation on mobile, and
  3. “social listening” to learn and improve from what customers are saying.

Create a positive reputation online

Consider these statistics:

  1. 70% of consumers trust a business with minimum of 6-10 reviews. Sources: Demandforce,,, Brightlocal
  2. 70% trust consumer reviews posted online. Source: Nielsen
  3. 72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Source: BrightLocal


With over 800 million members on Facebook and Twitter, information can go viral and become popular in a flash. Almost every customer, company, potential partner, or investor will search your name on Google to find out more about you. The last thing you want to appear in the top results of Google is an undesirable articles or review. When you have bad search results for your name, you need to act quickly. Time is crucial because, like it or not, you’re in a competition – a competition to see who can put their strategy high in Google’s search engine results.

When you can outperform the undesirable news with your good news stories, you can save a massive amount of damage. When confronted with this circumstance, most people today don’t know what to do. We will assist you generate your own presence and clean up the clutter. Learning how to do this on your own may take a long time, but you’re just moments away from getting started as we have a team in place prepared to work with you.

Envision a few weeks from now, and you have just looked for your business on Google. Now, the first results that show up are nice reviews and comments that reflect the image your business wants to represent. If your reputation is compromised, you need to act now.

Reputation Management doesn’t make your company money. Reputation Marketing does. The most substantial factor you can add to your Website, Facebook Page, Radio Ads, Postcards, Newspaper Ads, Flyers, Television Ads etc. is online social evidence that other consumers trust you already.

Reputation Marketing suggests your most satisfied clients do the selling for you! We give you the resources and tools you need to:

  1. Include the social proof of your five-star reputation in all of your online and off-line marketing.
  2. Get those reviews published on the top 10 review sites for your market. Consistently have the most compelling reviews on your website and Facebook page where they can be seen.
  3. Gather a mountain of five-star reviews from your most satisfied customers.
  4. Have your employees understand the power of reviews and asking for them at every opportunity.


Think about the powerful impact that five-star reviews from hundreds of your happy clients will have on showing your prospective clients that you’re the ideal choice and industry leader. That is what reputation marketing can do for your company.

Reputation marketing is a great chance to take advantages over your competitors and establish yourself as the distinct choice.

Contact our Chicago Online Reputation Management Company today for a consultation!

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