How do I maximize online marketing in today's crowded marketplace?

19 March 2014, Comments: 3

Huffington Post Contributor Ron Torrosian says that maximizing your online marketing in today’s crowded marketplace “often requires partnerships, creativity and out of the box thinking”.

As a Chicago Internet Marketing Specialist, I have to say that he is absolutely right. At Chicago Internet Marketing our strategy starts with learning about the primary perspective and objective of your business; allowing us to research strong within the business and aggressive marketplace further assisting you to create a “Brand New Image” for your company which helps to improve business revenue.

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Maximizing online marketing in today’s crowded marketplace often requires partnerships, creativity and out of the box thinking.

When Cindy Ratzlaff, one of Forbes “Top 30 women entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter,” launched her book, Queen of Your Own Life, she and her coauthor offered a webinar–an author chat where participants could log on, watch a slide show, and listen to the authors’ talk–similar to a bookstore reading to drive awareness. Something as simple as this, allowed old-school book readings to “come alive” on-line.

This event allowed the women to discuss the book, interact with their audience – and excite people about the book using their existing social media platforms. These women went to the top Internet marketers asking them to promote the webinar, and in exchange offering to tweet about them if they’d promote her webinar. A win-win – which also allowed the authors to offer webinar guests the chance to win free consultations with gurus, software, and Internet marketing reports from partners.

Their emails and promotions all mentioned sponsors, and created a viral effect. In turn, the authors’ partners told their fans about the book and webinar. Once winners were chosen, they had to go to the partners’ websites and sign in. Now these partners also had the names and e-mail addresses of participants. They encouraged guests to sign up with our partners to increase sponsors’ e-mail lists, expose fans to products, and introduce partners’ fans to their book. A great marriage – which resulted in a thousand plus people for the webinar, something which would not have happened in a brick-and-mortar bookstore.

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